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1974 Europiccola, Holy Grail! -- sold!

One of the rare "transition" '74 Europiccolas!  The last year of the "first generation" with the classic chrome and build quality, along with the rust proof cast aluminum bases. 


The '74 is also known as the last year of the "brass sleeve," but with the added attraction of having the removable shower screen.  So no need to own the "special Pavoni tool" to do maintenance on your piston gaskets.  The piston pops right out!   

It also has the advantage of having a "three way" rocker switch, with an "off" position in the center, so you don't have to worry about unplugging it after use, like the earlier first generation models.  


This is a native US version (120 volt, dual "hi/lo" element) and has the original wiring (in excellent condition.)  


We're trying not to buy Europiccolas anymore unless they're exceptional, and this one fits that bill.


This is the classic "driven by a little old lady on Sunday" find, used maybe a handful of times, and then put on a shelf for 40 something years.  Shows almost no wear on things like the lever pin holes, or the portafilter track.


The "hammertone" paint is still shiny, with just a few chips, and one obvious scratch on the right side.  The drip tray grille is new.  The rubber sub-base is in amazing condition.  (Still pliable, and no cracking.)  


We've cleaned it up, descaled, lubed, adjusted the piston throw, and rebuilt the group with all new seals.  Comes with new bottomless portafilter, single and double baskets, and plastic tamper.  Should be good to go for another 40 years!


If you've been thinking about a "first gen" La Pavoni, this is definitely one to consider.  



1974 Europiccola, Holy Grail! -- sold!

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