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'70s Rancilio Z9 -- sold

Just a year out from a complete rebuild, here's a great opportunity to score an affordable vintage commercial lever for your home kitchen!    We've just tuned this one up again for resale, and will add a new bottomless portafilter, and a calibrated tamper (not shown.) 


A rare find in America. This one group machine operates on regular 120 volt home current (although it's currently set up with a powerful 2200 watt heating element, so probably should be run on a 20 amp circuit.  We can lower the current requirement if desired, or you only have a 15 amp circuit available.)   


Still owns it's original awesome Italian "Euro Safety" Orange body panels, and with the brushed stainless trim, this machine creates a striking look and vintage industrial design ambience in any environment. 


There's a scratch on the bottom of the left hand side panel that has been touched up, and she has a few other nicks, and signs of love on the stainless panels, but overall presents in very well preserved early 1970s condition.  


Call or email if you'd like more pics or info.


We love Rancilio's heat exchange style lever group, which differenciates it from the majority of levers operating with "dipper tube" brew water delivery.  This means the group stays heated without flushing, unlike the typical single boiler machine. 


The group's unique isolation from the boiler, and reletively low mass, also means it doesn't run too hot, or need to be in constant use to stay within brew temp range, unlike some commercial machines.  So if you're into NOT burning your espresso shots, this is an excellent machine for acheiving that goal!  The shots on these are very smooth.


This is too large for shipping by normal ground, so local pick-up is obviously preferred.  Otherwise, this would have to go via truck (freight) and means the shipping will probaly be in the $250 range.  


We can install new piston seals for a minimal extra charge if desired, but really needs nothing at the moment to operate like new, except a new home!  Come and get it for the holidays!

'70s Rancilio Z9 -- sold

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