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Custom '73 Europiccola

The last of the "First Generation" machines.  1973 did see one major improvement, with the modified removable shower screen, which meant WAY easier maintenance of the piston seals (no special tool needed!)  Otherwise this is pretty much the same Europiccola from the early sixties. 


Note the "First Gen" features like the group screwed into the boiler, the chrome cap, and the wider steam arm (obviously discontinued by Pavoni to cut down on bending issues!) 

The early style cast aluminum base (never rusts!) still has it's original bluish gray hammertone finish.  (The drip tray area paint has been relutctantly touched up a little to help make future cleaning more managable.)  The plastic tray inserts did not exist at this point, so these areas tend to suffer from wear the later machines never saw.  But it's pretty undeniable Pavonis look more elegant without the plastic.   


For those into the San Francisco history of Pavoni (so many US Europiccolas were sold by Thomas Cara Ltd,  here North Beach) check out the stamp under the base that Cara used to update the history of shop visits for maintenance. 


The original rubber base is in great condition (we've been on a lucky roll with these lately!) but the metal base does have the typical "yuck line" around the perimeter, from decades of living under the rubber edge.  The only way to "remove" these lines is to pretty much repaint the entire base, and we love the original hammertone patina too much (when it's in this condition) to do that.


This machine has all new group seals, a new steam valve seal, and been descaled, lubed and adjusted.  

It's also obviously been "customized."  Probably "overkill" in this case, because this machine actually runs around a civilized .7 BAR, even on "massimo."  But the notoriously hot running Pavoni levers are a concern for a lot of people, so this way you are never "flying blind" as far as boiler pressure/temperature goes.  You can extrapolate the water temp before you pull a shot.


We've also installed a custom single hole steam tip to aid microfoaming (but will include the original three hole tip for those who prefer originality, or BIG bubbles!) 

These early "massimo/minimo" hi/lo toggle switches had no "off" position, so you'll need a switched outlet to put this in, or get used to pulling the cord out once you're done!  A very Italian touch.   (We'll throw in a plastic off white Home Depot outlet swtich if you like, which you can plug into and use as a switch.  It's not pictured, but just remind us if you want one.)


The power cord is the original  ungrounded two prong "American style."  A little stiff from years of use, and the wiring of the day, but as safe as new.  (And we've never actually heard of  death by Pavoni lever electrocution yet!)


In short, another beautiful, clean, one of a kind vintage US model Europiccola from VoltAge110. 

Comes with a double basket, and new blue handled stainless tamper (as shown in the pics.)  Just add coffee, and you're ready to go!


Custom '73 Europiccola

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