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'76 La Pavoni Europiccola  -- sold

Nice original mid '70s dual element hammertone model.


We've converted this to the modern dual heating element.  It works the same as the vintage "hi/lo" set-up, but with a stainless (and more reliable) element.  We've also added an adapter ring, so any element changes in the future will be as simple as removing three bolts and ordering a new style element.  (No traumatic special tools needed like the brass originals!)


Fully descaled, rebuilt with all new gaskets and seals, lubed, and tested.  Ready to go.  


This Europiccola shows a few battle scars, and the drip tray area was repainted, but overall a very presentable model from the classic era of La Pavoni Europiccolas.  


Comes with a double basket. 

'76 La Pavoni Europiccola -- sold

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