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'76 La Pavoni Europiccola, Patina Galore!  -- Sold

Acquired this because the original base patina was so alluring, then discovered the rubber subbase had been "repaired" with silicone.  So it's not a cream puff, but still a beautiful vintage 70's Euro.  


Rebuilt group with gaskets and seals, cap seal, lubed, descaled, and piston throw adjusted.  


The three position switch is solid and works well (this vintage switch can be a concern after years of heavy use, although modern fixes are available.) 


The chrome is awesome, and reminds us how much better the plating was on 70's and earlier Pavoni machines, compared to the 90s and up.  This has that "wet look" we love on the nice Pavonis of this era.


Overall a great daily driver Europiccola, that should be good to go another several years.


Comes with both single and double baskets, and the original packaged Pavoni plastic tamper!  

'76 La Pavoni Europiccola, Patina Galore! -- Sold

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