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'77 La Pavoni Europiccola -- Sold!

There are people who think the "high point" of La Pavoni home lever production was the '74-'77 model Europiccolas.   Fortunately, Pavoni sold a lot of these in the US, so they're around if you want one and are patient.  But they are seldom seldom found in the kind of original condition this rebuilt '77 is.  


The base is not perfect, with a little loss of paint where the chrome drip tray fits, and around the perimeter of the base, but otherwise a really nice example of the earthy "hammertone" model that has became iconic with the mid '70s Pavonis.  The factory shine is still on the original paint.  Even in the drip tray.  Something you almost never find anymore. 


Even the original grease was still on the pins and piston seals.   This is obviously one of those fun finds where the original owners bought it because they loved the "look," but "never really got into espresso," and it sat on a kitchen shelf for years.  So it's really a very lightly used example of the classic mid '70s dual element models.  

And yes, the rubber sub base is still in very nice condition.  


These have cool "high/off/low" switches, with the red neon pilot light, and chrome surround.  They were narrow, and always a little bit fragile feeling, with little movement between the three rocker positions.  That sort of quirky elegance has always made them seem very "Italian" to us.  Especially compared to the big, clunky on/off switches found on American kitchen appliances of the 70s!    


You'll often find this style of switch broken, or hanging from a thread.  (ebay variety is famous for this.)  But this one is fine.  And we've sourced a suitable replacement rocker switch, so we can rebuild yours if it ever becomes necessary, where previously they could be the bane of doting mid '70s owners who had to hot wire their beloved machine because they couldn't find replacement switches to fit the narrow opening in the base.


As always, we're struck by how much heavier this era machine feels in your hands versus their current models.  A very palpable reminder of how much more brass and chrome used to go into Pavonis.  


Comes with a double basket, and brand new bottomless portafilter.    





'77 La Pavoni Europiccola -- Sold!

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