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'78 La Pavoni Europiccola -- Sold

A bit of an "ugly duckling" on VoltAge110 these days, with the "perfect" '62 Faema Urania, and snooty '73 Olympia Cremina we've featured recently.  But you can't be perfect all the time.  Or we sure can't!   So in a change of pace, here's a '78 Europiccola with a few rust spots in the drip tray (and a couple other tiny spots on the base.) 


But in the interest of trying to keep affordable vintage machines available (and the fact that we just like this particular machine) here you go. 


We've added a plastic drip tray that Pavoni eventually began using to try to combat the "water sitting in the drip tray" issues.  We think Pavonis looked quite elegant without it.  Especially the early all chrome models.  (See the last pic for how this model "originally" looked without the tray.)  So the new owner can go either way, but it does make some sense for drip management.  


Aside from the Pavoni "pock marks," though, this is a pretty nice, low hours late '70s dual element Europiccola.    (Check out the lack of wear in the lever roller hole, where older Pavonis can get "ovaled out" after years of use)


From the end of the era when things like the solid brass boiler plug, and cool early style rubber sub base (in good shape) were still part of the Pavoni charm, before the succession of plastic parts starting hitting these machines (and society at large!)


We've gone all through it, as usual, and with the new seals, a descale, lube, and piston throw adjustment, we're pretty confidant in saying if you're the sort who wouldn't mind a vintage Euro that's mechanically flawless, if not aesthetically flawless, you've found a good candidate here.  


Of course this predates the pressurestat era, so when you turn it on, it's "on!"  Switch to "II" for heating up (or steaming) which turns both elements on, and once the pressure relief valve starts to hiss, switch it down to "I" and pull your shot.  Or the reverse.  Some people like to pull their shot BEFORE it heats up all the way because these get HOT.  Just don't go off without switching it off.  (Although who even gets to go "off" these days?) 


Keep decent water in it, don't run it dry, and you'll have a nice vintage Pavoni that should last for years.  


Comes with a brand new bottomless portafilter, and double basket.   (As with all "pre-millennium" models, it's a 49mm portafilter.)


We haven't had one for sale this "cheap" for a while, as we've concentrated on finding the "special" stuff to put on voltage110.  So this is a bit of an experiment.  We're trying to respond to the the steady drumbeat of, "More Pavonis!  More Pavonis!"  So let us know if you're ok seeing more "ugly" vintage Pavonis on here, or whether we should stick to the "cream puffs."    It costs us the same amount of parts and materials for the rebuilds whether the machines are "perfect" or not!


Stay healthy!  

'78 La Pavoni Europiccola -- Sold

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