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'84 La Pavoni Professional -- Sold!

We spoke too soon.  Stumbled onto another vintage Professional right after we sold our last one!  Which proves there's no predicting when these might show up (if we don't have one in the project pipeline, and we don't!) 


A nice rebuilt example of the tail end of the "golden era" of La Pavoni levers.  This was the first year of the plastic base attached with the screw through the drip tray (unfortunately.) But these early to mid 80s machines still retained the brass and chrome build quality of the 60s and 70s machines.  


The body is unusually clean for this era, with only a few light surface scratches on the base deck, some scratches on the lever fork, and a few tiny pits on the lever itself.  (New levers/handles are backwards compatible so always easy to replace with new, for future reference.)  The pressure gauge doesn't go all the way back to "zero" anymore, but it's smooth and accurate, which is what's important   


Aside from the all new seals and gaskets in the group, this machine also includes a new stainless steel cup grid, a new power switch, and a new pressurestat (adjusted to about .9 BAR.)  Of course it's been lubed, descaled, and piston throw was adjusted. 

Comes with double basket, and new red Motta (made in Italy) 49mm tamper.

'84 La Pavoni Professional -- Sold!

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