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'86 Olympia Cremina -- sold

1986 is arguably the "sweet spot" for vintage Creminas.  The much feared "asbestos" insulation was ended by Olympia (not even sure it really was asbestos, but the internet legend is firmly established) on the boiler, the power switch was "modernized" (and still replaceable) while still keeping the look and build quality the Swiss make would become legendary for. 


This never made the website (for sale) as it went to the first person on the "wait list" who patiently lingered for months (years?) and who was ready to roll when this became available. 


Sourced from the original owner, an espresso lover who bought it new when they were still "esoteric" foodie items in Chicago, and eventually brought with her in retirement to Tucson.  Which is where we got to meet at her horse ranch, after an epic desert road trip from SF to pick it up.  Further extending the metaphor of the "lever adventure" to new hieghts. 


This one has the most beautiful fascia panel we've come across on a Cremina.  Not sure why (aside from loving care over the years.)  Maybe it was just a good year to be chrome in Switzerland!


Except for a couple common age nicks on the powder coat of the body, this is about as good as it gets in a used Cremina.  


So we hated to see it go.  But hopefully it will live on with the same love and appreciation it has spent the previous 35 years.   


Includes a pre-loaded sprung tamper, and two extra double baskets.

'86 Olympia Cremina -- sold

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