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'87 Astoria 2 Group Lever

Rebuilt '87 Astoria two group lever machine, with the classic CMA lever groups that were unchanged for about 40 years.  (They were re-designed in about 2001, and included a slightly stiffer spring rate for the piston.)  


A great example of the "late modern" era of Italian commercial espresso machines, with the boxy lines and a classic Italian burgundy/stainless color scheme. 


It does have autofill, but otherwise very simple, and clean technologywise.  Not much to go wrong on these!   It's more about the barista learning use it, rather than just knowing what button to push.


Super clean for it's age.  This lived in a "fancy" Italian restaurant in Hollywood for a while, then spent years in storage.  A typical journey for a vintage commecial lever machine in America.  


In addition to the new group seals, and new stainless springs, the boiler was opened and de-scaled, and several other new parts, including new steam/hot water knobs, and Sirai pressurestat, installed.  


Needs nothing, and ready to go to work pulling exquisite lever shots in your kitchen or cafe!

'87 Astoria 2 Group Lever

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