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'91 La Pavoni Europiccola -- Sold

Really nice, low use, rebuilt 1991 Europiccola, with updated heating element!  Towards the end of the "all brass and steel" era or the Pre-Millenniums.  


All new groups seals, new cap seal, new steam valve seal, boiler seal, piston shaft seal.  Cleaned, descaled, lubed and piston throw adjusted.  All the usual stuff we do.  Just a really solid, all chrome Europiccola.  


This was about the beginning Pavoni adding a pressurestat to the Europiccola (like the big brother Professional models) so no more dual switch, or worrying about watching the steam vent.  The heating element automatically cycles on and off with the set boiler pressure.  (This one is adjusted to run between .6-.9 BAR, which is really the sweet spot for the Europiccolas, which can run too hot if not adjusted correctly.)  


With the brand new "new style" heating element installed, it means you'll never have to worry about finding an old style "screw on" brass base element.  The newer (and cheaper) stainless steel elements will bolt right in.  


An interesting (for Pavoni geeks, at least) side note is that this has the original plastic sight glass cover with the top and bottom mounting screws.  Pavoni quickly moved to a "snap on" plastic cover after this, eliminating the screws (more cost cutting) and this is the only machine we've seen with one of these original covers that was still in good condition.  They are usually so damaged that we have to replace them with the new style snap on cover. 


Comes with the single and double baskets. 


If you've been looking at Pavonis, but reluctant to go full "vintage," this may be up your alley, as one the last "modern" Europiccolas built when La Pavoni was still built like a La Pavoni. 

'91 La Pavoni Europiccola -- Sold

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