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Custom La Pavoni Pro

Apologies to regular Voltage110er's who may have been interested in this.  We were trying out the idea of doing an Etsy "store," listed this as our first "product," and before we could even upload the pics on the "real" ( website, it sold. 


Sigh.  There will be more.  And if someone seriously can't wait, contact us, and maybe we can build one "to order."  

Basically this "custom" Professional was the result of shop talk about the "issues" with various iterations of La Pavonis, and a joke about making the ulitmate La Pavoni, by incorporating the best aspects over the years into one machine.  


This is the result of that "joke."  


An "Ultimate" La Pavoni Professional, custom built by VoltAge110.  


Joining a vintage Millennium (early 90s) boiler and group (to eliminate the dread "plastic" piston and liner issues) with the latest chrome base (sans the dread "screw hole" that inevitably leads to rusting, and/or issues with base electronics)  is the "core" of the build.


But also making sure things like the switch and pressurestat are the latest versions, the steam valve doesn't leak, the pressure gauge works and sits at "zero" (a new one, in this case) and that all the seals and gaskets are new, puts the "Custom" into this build. 


For good measure we added a "getting hard to find" (new factory) Pre-Millennium bottomless portafiler.  


It's obviously not a "new" La Pavoni, but maybe it's "better than new?"  We think it might be... 

Custom La Pavoni Pro

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