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Early 80's Orange Pavoni Professional  --  sold!

Been lusting after one of these early 80's Italian Orange Professionals for a while, and finally scored one.  Completely rebuilt, with lots of new parts.   It's been too long since we've had a vintage Pro, but will probably be a long time before we see one in this color again! 


Years of age and patina have turned this orange base into a totally unique Persimmon color!  We see enough Pavoni levers around here, it's hard to get excited sometimes, but this one is cool!


Aside from all new seals, it has been updated to the new style stainless steel heating element, and a new pressurestat.  Also has a new on/off switch.  So basically all the electronics are new.  


From the "golden age" of Pavoni home levers, with better chrome plating, the thick rubber base (in amazing condition!) and details like the brass boiler plug.  Quality that has gradually eroded over the years. 


People keep asking us for Professionals, and we're trying, but they just keep getting harder to find, and more expensive.  Not sure if it's due to the "more people are home making their own espresso because of the plague" theory, or "famous coffee blogger reviews Pavoni," or something else, but Pavoni Professionals are in demand right now.  And we don't have any others in the pipeline at the moment.  Which means our prices are creeping up as well, sorry!  Who knows where we'll be in a year from now.  (With both the plague and the prices on vintage Professionals.)  But here you go!


Comes with the original single, and double baskets.  


Let us know if you want one of our custom single hole steam tips installed.

Early 80's Orange Pavoni Professional -- sold!

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