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ECM Giotto, the original "domestic" E-61 -- Sold!

Another ECM, original "home" E61!   (Now being made by Rocket, and "cloned" by many other imitators.)


This is an early 2000s model, and not as virginal the other ECM Giotto we currently have for sale, but it works as well, and an awesome deal. 


We've replaced the Gicar controller in this, so you shouldn't have to worry about that for quite a while.  (Most "home" espresso machine control boxes "wear out" eventually if they are cycled on/off enough, and can be expensive to replace.)  


The E61 group is rebuilt, and of course we've installed a new portafilter gasket and screen.  Descaled and ready to go. 


Wow, get the original E61 home machine for a fraction of the new clones!


ECM Giotto, the original "domestic" E-61 -- Sold!

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