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Gaggia Orione, 1967, one group, 110 volts!  Sold!

The pictures pretty much speak for themselves on this one. 


We just rebuilt the group (seals and new spring) "updated" her with a new pressurestat (removing the old "mercury" version) a new boiler relief valve (removed the old "wobbler weight") and added a vacuum valve.


We also put in a new 1300 watt heating element.


Otherwise, other than cleaning the boiler out, adding some insulation, and shining things up a little, we didn't have to alter this amazingly well found one group Orione, with it's late sixties Galaxie 500 like styling.   


This seems to have not been used much in it's day.


The thick chrome on the group is still gorgeous.


No apparent wear in the piston bore, or the portafilter groove.  (A new portafilter is included.)


There are tiny amounts of pitting on some of the other chrome elements, and the chrome has come off the catch springs by the handle, and parts of the handle itself (we're open to re-chroming the handle) but the chrome fascia and red side panels are in amazing original condition.  


The plastic logo panel on the back is "bas relief" style, and gives a beyond cool "3-D" look to the styling on the back.


This is plumbed in, and has manual fill via the pull out valve handle on the front left.


(The other handle is the hot water release.)


Built in adjustible cup "steam" warmer with knob on right side.


The group design is very similar to the one that Gaggia started the "espresso scene" craze in London in the early 50s.  So owning this machine will transport you back to Espresso Eden every time you walk into your kitchen and set eyes on it. 


Put on some Miles Davis. 


The shots this pulls are sweet.


(NOTE: If not picked up locally, this will have to go on a pallet, so make sure you check in with us before buying this with the "shopping cart.")



Gaggia Orione, 1967, one group, 110 volts! Sold!

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