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Izzo Alex E61 -- Sold

The original Izzo "Alex." A classic single boiler E61 machine, before they moved to the market pleasing "Duetto" double boiler version of this.  


Massive, heavy duty build quality, WITH a commercial rotary pump shoe horned into the wife pleasing polished stainless steel body.  This may be the heaviest "home" E61 ever sold!  (Around 55 pounds, so shipping may not be a viable option.)  


We've just done a boiler off, frame up rebuild, so no issues with this now 20 year old baby.


This model has the option to switch between the inboard reservoir, or directly plumbed water line, with a flip of a lever behind the drip tray.  


Another chance to get a "professional" quality Italian espresso machine into your kitchen, with all the usual features (autofill, articulating hot water and steam valves, dual pressure gauges, solid state heating element relay, rotary pump, adjustable pressurestat, etc.)


We've even replaced the electronic control box with a rebuilt one, so this machine should last quite a while before needing a service.  


A few scratches in the usual places on the drip tray grid and warming top surface.


But overall a gorgeous example of this no longer available home E61. 




Izzo Alex E61 -- Sold

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