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"La Cara" (Graziella) circa 1979 -- sold

Another original owner "La Cara" Graziella, from Thomas Cara, Ltd., in San Francisco.  The last incarnation, an all chrome model circa 1979-81.  


In very nice condition with both elements still working.  Original electrics are clean and solid.  

The often missing rubber base is in beautiful shape (no tears, and still flexible) and reminds us of how much we wish these were still available!  (They would also fit the La Pavoni levers, which of course are now stuck with plastic bases.)  


We've rebuilt the group (new piston seals, shaft seal, and portafilter seal) cleaned, descaled, lubed, tested, and now she's ready to go.  Steam shaft seal has been replaced as well.  No leaks anywhere!  (Sight glass seals were done previously in at Cara Ltd.) 


Comes with the original bundled steam pitcher, single and double baskets, and tamper (convex 48mm.)  


Remember this is basically a "two switch" La Pavoni lever with a bigger boiler clad in a brass and chrome surround with the stepped top.  So you'd be employing the standard procedure of turning on both high/low elements to heat up/steam, then switch off high, idle on "low," and then after a blank pull to heat up the portafilter, load and lock, and pull your shots. 


This will be steaming (venting through the top pressure relief valve built into the boiler cap) virtually all the time once it's heated up, so you need to be cool with "the music" of old school espresso making!


Some minor scuffing on the leading edge of the base, and some minor surface rust spots on the underside of the base, but otherwise a very handsome, one owner Graziella, working as it did when it left the store in North Beach almost 40 years ago!


Finding them in this condition is getting harder all the time.

"La Cara" (Graziella) circa 1979 -- sold

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