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La Cimbali "Junior" Espresso Grinder -- sold

Rebuilt, cleaned, and lubed La Cimbali grinder, with new upper and lower bearings, and new burrs.   (64mm burrs.)


This model has a kind of cool worm drive "stepless" grind adjustment that makes it possible to "dial in" your shots with tiny adjustments, instead of larger "clicks."  


The flip side is it would be a pain in the ass to adjust back and forth from espresso to drip coffee, if double duty is needed.  


There is a small fracture in the plastic bean hopper around the rear mounting screw hole, but won't effect bean storage.  Otherwise a pretty clean example of the Junior.


The brushed stainless body, and compact hopper arrangement means it "fits in" more seamlessly in a home kitchen than most commercial grinders, and adds to potential spouse appeal.


A lotta grinder at this price!



La Cimbali "Junior" Espresso Grinder -- sold

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