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La Pavoni, 1973 Europiccola -- Sold!

The last year of the "1st Generation" Europiccola, in pretty amazing condition. 


The chrome of this era is just astoundingly beautiful.  They really don't make em quite like this anymore.  This was the last year of the "brass insert," but what is cool about this year is Pavoni had already made the change to a removable screen, so no "special tool" needed to remove the entire piston/insert/screen assembly in order to do routine maintenance and piston seal changes. 


Just remove the portifilter gasket, and the screen comes off to allow easy access to the piston.


Pavoni still hadn't seen the need for an "off" switch at this point though, even after nearly 15 years of making the home levers.  So the user's choice is "on low" or "on high!"  (Or unplug.) 


Or do what we do, and use a plug in outlet insert with a switch built in, so you essentially add an "on/off" switch at the end of the cord.   (We'll throw one in if desired.)


The bases were still aluminum with "hammertone" paint, and this one is our fav "silver bone" color, in almost immaculate original condition.  Some of the "coffee ring" discoloration typical under the lip of rubber sub-base is there (years of patina) but that's nearly invisible with the sub-base on.  This pics aren't lying in this case.  The thing is beautiful!


Even the original rubber sub-base is in phenomenal shape.  


Of course we've gone all through this one. It's been re-wired, WITH a ground wire to the base, and a three wire plug.  (Most of the US model Pavonis of this era used the minimum required two wire plug, which left the American models ungrounded.  Not that we know of any cases of Death by Leverelectricution.  But with so much water around, it's just nice to be grounded.)  

The "re-wire" also includes a brand new 120 volt dual heating element.  (These are no longer available from La Pavoni, so they need to be custom built!)


It also has all new piston and shaft seals, along with a new steam shaft seal and portafilter seal.  


And the usual de-scaled, lube, and piston throw adjustment.  We hate to say this, ever, but it "pretty much runs like new!"


All of which ends up with this having to be priced on the high end of our usual range.  But we think the scarcity factor and original condition justify it.  (Good luck find a 1st gen Europiccola in this sort of condition for any amount of money.)  The buyer of this will know what they're getting!  A hands on vintage Italian espresso making adventure.


Prepare for a steamy good morning experience when pulling your shots!  


Comes with original plastic tamper, and single and double baskets (and the aforementioned plug in outlet switch if wanted.)  A custom single hole steam tip is also available on request.  

La Pavoni, 1973 Europiccola -- Sold!

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