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La Pavoni, 1984 brass/copper Professional -- Sold!

Despite the ominous year this was made, La Pavoni was still in it's heyday of build quality.  The clear coated brass and copper models of this era are notorious for "mottling" where the metal tarnishes under the clear coat, which was ironically intended by Pavoni to preserve the "bling" look, and while this does have a few spots showing some of that phenomena, it's still remarkably shiney.


And if you don't want some "character" with your Pavoni lever, you don't buy a vintage copper one!


While the "all chrome" look dominates La Pavoni levers today, the patina on these copper and brass models captures the early 80's pretty well, and we actually think they have a lot more character than the modern "chrome" models.  And none of the "corrosion/rust" issues the later chrome bases are famous for. 


We've stripped the old clear off the group and portafilter, but left the rest of the machine original.


And with a just completed full seal replacement, this one should be good to go for a long time.  (Even has a new sight glass installed.)   


Comes with the original packaging and most of the accessories (and even the paper warranty info!)  


The extras include a stainless shot pitcher, the plastic original tamper and scoop, double and single baskets, and we're throwing in an Italian stainless frother.  

Remember this is a Professional model, which has about twice the boiler capacity of the Europiccola, along with the pressurestat to auto control the heat, and a pressure gauge so you can actually tell what that temp is!  We think it is much preferable to it's little brother of the same vintage.


All in all, a pretty rare, and mostly complete original vintage package of the copper and brass Pro. 

La Pavoni, 1984 brass/copper Professional -- Sold!

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