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La Pavoni Europiccola, 1979 --  Sold!

Completely rebuilt pre-millennium Europiccola.  


Voltage110 followers know we prefer the Professional model, for the larger boiler capacity, pressure gauge, and modern heating element, to the "classic" dual switch Europiccola, but when we find something this sweet, it's impossible to resist. 


This is one of those rare ones, where the original owner bought it almost four decades ago, and then never really used it much.


Except for a few light scratches on the deck around the drip tray area, it's hard to tell this from when it was new.


And we've change ALL the seals (including the sight glass gaskets) as well cleaning and lubing the piston/bore.  


The pictures tell the story.


If you're not familiar with the "original" style La Pavon home levers, make sure to do your due diligence.  These require actual attention when using (ok, most of our stuff does, but these especially!)  


The early two switch "high/low" models like this one, used two separate heating elements.  Turn the high on to heat up and steam milk, then switch to "low" for pulling shots and maintaining heat.  You may even get in the habit of turning the power switch on and off to cool things down! 


These were before the days of pressurestats in the Europiccola so it's essetnial to maintain a minimum water lever, and watch the temperature, not start answering emails and forget it's on!   (Although the light hiss of the pressure relief valve will probably not let you forget it's on!  The later ones stopped hissing when heated up.)


Many old school La Pavoni lever heads think these were the peak of the La Pavoni home levers.  The "hand made" aspect of these is undeniable.  


The question for propective buyers is, "Do I want to WORK for my god shot in the morning?"    

La Pavoni Europiccola, 1979 -- Sold!

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