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La Pavoni, Original All Chrome -- Sold!

From the Dawn of Chrome.  The original La Pavoni all chrome model.   You can literally "feel" the difference from the modern lighter weight versions of this classic machine.  The depth and color of the early heavy Pavoni plating is remarkable.


So this is a rare one.  Circa late 1974 or maybe 1975.  It's funny to think that with all chrome being the "standard" look for these levers now, the first 15 years or so all the bases were stamped aluminum covered with the iconic "hammer tone" browns and grays. 


This one seems to have really low hours on it, and of course the group has been totally rebuilt with new group to boiler, piston shaft, and piston seals, as well as the portafilter seal, cap seal and steam shaft seal!


And of course, all the usual stuff -- descale, lubed piston and lever bearings, adjusted piston travel, etc.  


There are a few tiny pits in the drip tray area in the chrome, so the new owner should strive to keep this area dry after use.  This Pavoni was built before they added the plastic drip tray inserts, and we prefer that classic look, but we'll include a plastic tray in case someone wants to be more "fastidious" (or just likes the look.)


Comes with everything in the pic (single and double filter baskets, a pitcher and the original La Pavoni plastic tamper.)  


Original "dual" hi/low heating element, with two switch setup, means this is from the era before pressurestats, so the user has to "drive" this machine rather than going off and forgetting about it.  When the boiler is heated up the pressure relief valve will be hissing! 


When "high" is selected, it will stay on high until you manually turn it off!  So don't go off and forget about an early Europiccola or you may come home to a dead element!


Apologies about the extra cost on this one (hopefully we'll have some more "budget" Pavonis soon) but the scarcity factor is baked into our end too!  Buy this only if you want "history," useless beauty, and some collectible rarity in your collection.  Or just a really cool machine as a daily driver.  


We'll give a 3 month warranty on this one for everything but the heating element.  (We're pretty confident no one will ever send it back.)  

La Pavoni, Original All Chrome -- Sold!

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