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La Pavoni Professional, '12  -- Sold!

Not saying this is "flawless."  It's not.  But just about.  


And it's obviously a Millennium, not "vintage" at all.  But we stumbled on it, and it was so nice we couldn't resist.  In fact, it's the newest Pavoni we've ever sold, and may have the record for some time!  (Check out the wiring underneath for "clean.")

Even got the original box.

Of course, the group has been completely rebuilt with new seals.  Descaled, lubed and piston throw adjusted.  And because the rest of it was so pretty, we installed a new sight glass cover, and even a new pressure gauge lens!  (Yes, all the modern small "home" gauges have plastic lenses, and WILL scratch, so keep that in mind when cleaning.)  


Comes with both single and double baskets, a tamper (slightly convex) and the "stubby" style steam pitcher that really works well with Pavonis.


The stock steam tip is on still on it, but we'll swap a custom single hole tip on request (no extra) if you're after microfoam (instead of the more traditional "frothy" milk drink.) 


(We're thinking about starting to keep a better "list" so people don't have to worry it's a "lottery" when buying things here, because they never know when something is going to be listed.   We've got some stuff coming up, so if you're reading this and been"waiting" for something particular, feel free to contact us, and we'll put you "on the list" for next time...)  

La Pavoni Professional, '12 -- Sold!

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