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La Pavoni Professional, Millennium -- Sold!

Not really a "vintage" Pavoni, like we normally have around here, but it IS a Professional (the larger boiler model, which holds TWICE the water volume of the Europiccola, and with automatic pressurestat heat control, and pressure gauge.)  With the real shortage of vintage "Pro" models now, and the "asks" we keep getting, we'll take what we can get!  This is an '06.  Not the '06 that was a big year for us in San Francisco (that WOULD be vintage!) but the last one.  It's hard to wrap the mind around the fact that was 14 years ago!  (And the Big Quake is 114!)


So while not "vintage," still a carefully rebuilt La Pavoni (new seals and gaskets) that's been descaled, cleaned, polished, lubed and adjusted, and there's no reason for this not to go another 14 years in your kitchen!  Or maybe until the next Big One.  


It's a Millennium model (meaning the "third generation" of La Pavoni levers that were revised in 2001) and people know we aren't fans of these in comparison to the 70s/80s "Pre-Milllennium" machines, for a variety of reasons.  One of which is the group insert that all the 2001+ Pavonis have, the lighter weight steel used to stamp the bases, and the polycarbonate pistons on the early versions.  But this one has solved the latter issue (and perhaps most vexing) with an updated solid brass piston installed.  


As you probably also know, we also believe the larger boiler and pressure gauge are not just stuck on "for show," but are genuine real world shot pulling advantages that will be appreciated by all but the most hard core vintage Pavoni leverheads. 


A very clean machine, with just a hint of heat discoloration of the chrome on the front right of the boiler, and some funny dash marks on top.  (They can be seen in the pics near the pressure gauge.  But a bit hard to see in person, and harder to capture in a pic.)  Otherwise, a small chip on the plastic sub-base is the only real "flaw" on this machine.


Comes with a new double basket, and new 52mm Mossa tamper. 


If you've been waiting for a rebuilt Professional, you've been very patient.  Apologies about the lag time, but it's not like we're not trying to find them!  Here's a crack at one.  



La Pavoni Professional, Millennium -- Sold!

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