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La Pavoni Professional, Pre-Mellennium 1983 (sold)

All chrome Professional (Pre-Millennium model) 1983.  Which is right in the wheel house of our idea about the "Best production era" of La Pavoni levers. Was resealed a while back, but not by us.  Operates perfectly. Comes with single, double baskets, and original tamper. Some surface rust/corrosion under the drip tray in the usual area, but it's pretty light, and there is no corrosion under the base.  We're reluctant to do the "silver spray paint treament" on the drip tray spot because, as you know if you've been around here much, we DON'T like to mess with "original" at VoltAge 110, unless we really have to, or we're doing full on customizing. The converter chemicals do a pretty good job at arresting corrosion, but tend to turn the effected metal black.  


Overall, this a really a solid example of a Pre-Mellenium Professional.

La Pavoni Professional, Pre-Mellennium 1983 (sold)

  • 90 day warranty on machine, except the heating element.  

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