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La Pavoni Professional, Pre-Millennium 1980 -- Sold

The real thing!  An early Professional model BEFORE the dread screw hole in the drip tray, along with the other qualities of the era (no plastic group parts, last of the cool rubber bases.)  There aren't many of these for sale at this point!  


If you're newly looking at La Pavonis, we think the Professional is the model to get (rather than the ubitquitious cheaper little brother, Europiccola) because of the much larger boiler, the pressure gauge, and a pressurestat (no fooling with on/off switches!)  


We just rebuilt group on this one, with new piston and shaft seals, replaced the steam valve seal, the portafiliter gasket, and filler cap gasket, Also put a new sliding roller in the lever mechanism, lubed the lever pins, and thoroughly cleaned and descaled the machine.  


It currently cycles between about 1.25 and 1 BAR.  


The plastic drip tray, and stainless grid are new (not original.)  


Comes with a double basket in the portafilter.


Overall, a really nice example of a classic espresso machine, with the only "flaws" being some heat discoloration on the chrome base below the steam wand (sort of duller "rainbow" spot) and even though this is a "pre-screw" model, there is some chrome plating thinning in the drip tray area.   There's a small crack in the edge of the rubber base near the cord, which, "they all do" eventually, unfortunately!  But overall, the rubber is very good. Wish somebody would make genuine rubber replacements, so we could banish the ABS plastic replacements.   


If you're looking at Pavoni levers, this is one to check out.



La Pavoni Professional, Pre-Millennium 1980 -- Sold

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