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Last of the Tribe -- sold!

A 1999 Europiccola.  The last year of what became known as the "Pre-Millennium."  By 2001 Pavoni had re-cast the group with a slightly larger body and added the polycarbonate ("plastic") insert, and called the new configuration the "Millennium" model.  


So this is the "old" group that is all brass.  


Re-sealed, lubed, de-scaled, and adjusted.  So you shouldn't have to do anything but wipe this off for quite a while!


This is also one of the Millennium models that included a pressurestat to automatically control temperature.  A big upgrade, or the beginning of the end, depending on who you talk to.  


Nothing special other than being a very clean example of the last Millennium Europiccola.  


Comes with new 49mm tamper, and our custom one hole steam tip on request. 

Last of the Tribe -- sold!

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