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Macap M4  --  Sold

Ok, I get why EVERYONE can't have a commercial quality grinder in their house, but the people that read these pages can.


And don't understand why anyone would buy a plastic Chinese mass producted toy grinder, when these Italian beauties are available at around the same price.


Ok, that's for a "used" one.  But when used is this nice...  wtf?


(I know.  I don't "understand" a lot of stuff.) 


Nearly new burr set in this super clean Macap M4.  


These are popular for being an essentially "commercial quality" grinder, with a footprint (and more importantly cabinet friendly lower hieght) that fits in most home kitchen situations.


Really cool worm drive adjuster that "flips up" out of the way for burr carrier removal, unlike the many arcane and convoluted methods the Italians can normally force on grinder dismantling.


This is the chrome model, with doser.  


Seriously, compared to the mass produced souless "home" grinders many people are putting up with, this is an exponentially better deal.  

Macap M4 -- Sold

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