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Mahlkonig "Columbia" Grinder -- sold

Ultra rare vintage American model of the Mahlkonig Columbia.  From the "Mercedes" of grinder makers, this is probably more of a "Volkswagen," with the plastic body parts over a cast iron frame, but we think it's cool, with the classic late 70s/early 80s Italian brown and tan color scheme.  


Not petite, but a slim design compared to the big boxy US dial grinders, so it appears smaller than it is.  Standing at just under 21" tall, 8 wide and 11 deep. 


The lid hinge on top is plastic and cracked, unfortunately, so the lid just sits on top at this point, instead of swinging up.  


This grinder is one way to "solve" the issue some people have who drink both espresso AND pour over coffee, and hate having to the crank the burr collar in and out of their one grinder.  A twist of the dial and you can go from beyond "espresso grind" (Turkish) to coarse pour over.  Obviously doesn't have the fine adjustments of a dedicated espresso grinder, but it may be just fine for a lot of people out there.  


The vertical chute and burr set also solves a lot of "stuck grinds" complaints as well.  The crazy handle thingee on the side is for holding up coffee bags!  (We used it to "knock" the last grinds out of the chute!)


We'll post some pics/video of the various grinds on our youtube channel eventually.


A cool alternative to the normal espresso grinder.  And you'll be the only person you ever meet who has one.

Mahlkonig "Columbia" Grinder -- sold

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