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Mazzer "Mini Timer" Grinder-- sold

Not much needs to be said about these.  The "little brother" of the Super Jolly, which makes them more home kitchen "friendly."  


This one was lightly used by a lady who just wanted one for her home, but didn't end up using it much.  So it's a beauty, and works flawlessly.


It was clean when we got it (even had the burr carrier threads lubed, so the grind adjustment was smooth and easy, like we've never encountered on a "used" Mazzer) but we cleaned it up ever further, so it's pretty frickin clean.


Will try to put a video up because this freak is so quiet with the motor turning that you can barely hear it running.  Something of a "baseline" sound for all Mazzer owners to judge the noise level of their grinder!

Mazzer "Mini Timer" Grinder-- sold

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