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Mazzer Mini "Timer" Grinder -- Sold

Again, what are you doing with a cheap plastic "toy" grinder on your counter, when you could go into your morning espresso battle with the safety and lethality of a commercial tank?  


Here's a sparkling clean, affordable, bullet/future proof Mazzer, for less than the price of a new "Rocky."  WITH a near new burr set.  One of the ultimate "small" commercial espresso grinders you can buy.


We're not gonna drone on about the importance of "your grinder" (even though it's true) because it IS boring.  People who talk more than five minutes about grinders probably need to get a life. 


However, they ARE indespensible tools if you wanna make good espresso.  And the difference between the good tool, and the cheap tool (especially when you use one every frickin day!)  becomes more than apparent the minute you use one for the first time.


It's like driving a Toyota for your hour commute, or a...  (ok, not going there.)  


Let's just point out once again, that even "used" commercial grinders are awesome.  (Once you clean the horrid sewage out.  An odious task you avoid when buying one from us, and one so awful that it essentially means our grinders are "free.") 


Commercial grinders grind beans exactly where you want them, which allows for the exactraction of oils and flavors you will miss with the same beans ground on inferior grinders.  (Imagine the "surface area" on each bean that can be extracted in big irregular chunks, vs. a consistent fine grind.)


And they don't "wear out" or "break" the way your plastic grinder will. 


In short, they let you change and control the way you experience your favorite beans as espresso in ways you just can't get to with cheap "home" grinders.


Yeah, it's about "footprint."  (This one is about 18 3/4 tall with all the plastic on top, and the machine itself is about 12 inches high.)  We know how much room in your living space you're willing to devote in your hobby/habit, is subject to a lot of variables.  But trust us, it's worth it.


And you can always sell one on ebay if you need the cash, or your spouse kicks it (and/or you) out of the kitchen!  (Hey, put it in the garage!)  


Mazzer Mini "Timer" Grinder -- Sold

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