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Mazzer Mini Timer, doserless mod -- Sold!

Rebuilt Mazzer Mini grinder.  The "go to" grinder for home espresso perfectionists, or small cafe production.  This Italian Cadillac has just been completely cleaned and rebuilt with new upper and lower bearings, doser removed, and fitted with our custom doserless funnel mod.  (For people who often make one drink at a time, and don't want to deal with a doser!)  Even new logo plate. 


The 58mm burr set has almost zero hours on them!  Only a few beans have been run through for testing.   So it's super clean and super quiet, and it's a pleasure to watch and feel this beast effortlessly pour out perfect grinds.  


The adjustable burr collar height on these are precise and "stepless."   Can require a little elbow grease, but stays where you put it!  And you won't be moving it much once you get it set for espresso.   (The funny "grille" over the grind opening is not just to protect you from yourself, but an "anti-static" device from Mazzer to help reduce "clingy" grinds to the sides of the funnel.)  


This Mini's low profile hopper means you can finally fit a professional quality grinder on your home kitchen counter.  (About 18 3/4 inches to top of lid.)  No more excuses about your grinder not being "good enough!"  And the last one you'll ever need to buy.


The Mini may be our favorite grinder for home use.  If you've been waiting to upgrade your grinder, this may be it!

Mazzer Mini Timer, doserless mod -- Sold!

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