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Mazzer, Super Jolly, "Automatic" Sold!

The "Snap-on" of espresso grinders.  Built like tanks, and will survive the apocalypse (which may be sooner than we hoped.)


"Automatic" means it will grind until it fills the doser, if you want it to.  Most of us won't need that option!


This one has a NEW burr set (zero pounds on them) and is spotless.  If you care about your coffee (and if you are looking at used Mazzers, you obviously do!) the last thing you want is for your favorite bean to end up stinking like somebody's 10 years of bad grinds!  After we're done with the used grinders we sell, that's not an issue.  (And cleaning them is a pain in the ass.)


Has some dings around the front base from portafilter knocks, and a few spots on the right side of the body, but otherwise very presentable.  


Quiet, clean, powerful, and with the "stepless" adjuster, let you pour out a relentless stream of perfectly ground coffee. 


These are taller than the Mini we also have for sale at the moment, but they're pretty much the same mechanically.  We can get the "short" hopper for this if height is an issue.  Just email or call before buying.  


Will come with the useless attached plastic "tamper" but we usually just take them off.


One of the Godzillas of espresso grinders, and a machine that will finally end your wondering, "Is my grinder good enough?" 

Mazzer, Super Jolly, "Automatic" Sold!

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