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Mazzer Super Jolly Espresso Grinder, Completely Rebuilt! (sold)

Mazzer Super Jolly with brand new bearings, brand new burrs, and the brand new factory "short" Mazzer hopper, which significantly lowers the height, for those pesky household size complainers!  (About 18 1/2 inches from counter to top of lid.)  


Quiet and powerful.  We lubed the bullet proof Mazzer doser, and it works perfectly.


Buying a Mazzer is one way to end the "is "good enough?" fears.  Get one of these and move on to the next weak link! 


The gray paint on the body, and the aluminum doser, show scars of work over the years, with some chips and scratches (including one long one on the right side of the grinder body shown in pic) but this baby is a great opportunity for somebody who wants a mechanically rebuilt Mazzer, and is not too stressed on countertop presentation.  


(And while we're on the subject!  This grinder is a good example of the VoltAge110 intention of offering high grade vintage gear, while keeping items as affordable and original as possible.   We concentrate on functionality, reliability, and cleanliness.   Reflecting our comittment to a "restore and re-use" philosophy which is critical part of perserving History, AND maintainly the possibility of a genuinely Sustainable planet.)


This is one badass grinder.  


Mazzer Super Jolly Espresso Grinder, Completely Rebuilt! (sold)

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