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Mimoso "No. 2" vintage hand grinder

The Mimoso Number 2!


Legendary Brazilian knock off of the classic English "Spong" hand crank coffee mill.  


Yes!  It does grind fine enough for espresso!  Of course it's no Mazzer.  You may have to run the grinds through a couple times to get them where you want them.  But it's kind of amazing how consistantly fine they are the first time.


Pourover?  Might be awesome for that.   Or god forbid, could be perfect for a "moka pot." 


With a campfire and some water, you could go super analog!   Take it on the road in your Westfalia!   (The Arrarex Caravel coming up soon could be another "road warrior," which we'll explain more when it's listed.)  


Obviously requires some elbow grease to operate, as all hand grinders do.




Cool blue paint over cast iron. 


Easily dismantled for cleaning. 

It's pretty clean now (combination of wire brushing and instant rice!) but the oil from running future beans through should keep the grinder from rusting.


We understand they're "collectible," but the cool thing about this grinder is it's actually "usable!"  


All you need are some beans, and a table to clamp it on (works with a range of about 1 3/8 inch thick or less.)   Obviously attaches to a wall as well.


(The cool little catch "tray" seen in the pics stays here, sorry!)


From the collection of a wonderful local artist/coffee lover, and the first importer of commercial La Pavoni espresso machines on the West Coast, here in San Francisco, in the mid 1950s.   This North Beach espresso pioneer (no, not the Cara family, or Papa Trieste) is an awesome lost City story, and this grinder is just one small part of the amazing stuff we were insanely lucky enough to get a hold of from him, which will be revealed here over the next few months...  Keep tuned.


Mimoso "No. 2" vintage hand grinder

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