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Nuova Simonelli "Oscar"  Silver/Aluminum $565

From the "Ferrari" of home espresso makers, the NS Oscar model lacks the stainless body parts we love in a typical NSF machine, but this DOES have the guts of one, and packs it into a home kitchen friendly footprint.   Although it does have a vibe pump, if you want a badass mini-commerical espresso machine, with "pro" quality insides for home use, and don't mind a little "homely" plastic on the outside, it's hard to do better under a grand.  


Some nicks and scratches, as the ABS plastic bodies tend to get with use, but this one is presentable. Brand new portafilter and baskets, along with the usual seals!  Look at that shiny chrome!


This is a "Tank" model, so no plumbing required.

Nuova Simonelli "Oscar" Silver/Aluminum $565

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