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Olympia Cremina "67" 1981 (new!?)  Sold!

Wow.  This one's almost scary.  A "found" Cremina, bought in 1981, and stuck in a closet.  "New old stock?"  We would never claim that when it's not in a box anymore, and maybe somebody, somewhere, tried it out once or twice (as we have, ha!)  But this is basically a "new" Olympia Cremina that's been in storage for 32 years.  Check out the chrome drip tray.  And the virginal portafilter!  No three decades of wear and coffee sludge here!  A few tiny paint chips on the brown finish, and a couple scratches on the stainless front panel (apparently from rubbing in storage) are the only "flaws" keeping this from being "as new."   


We were torn about touching this vestial virgin (and just donating it to the Smithsonian, or keeping it on our own shelf) but decided to go ahead and pull the piston out, to check the seals in the group, since the portafilter gasket was hard with age.  The inside of the group was so perfect (see pic) we almost decided to leave the original seals in, and just lube it.  But we decide since we had it apart, to replace the rubber.  So we rebuilt the group (meaning new piston and shaft seals, and new portafilter gasket.) Someone will finally get to defile this Swiss Miss, and make godlike espresso every morning, but, alas, it won't be us. 


The New York Times called it, "The best home espresso machine in the world."  We'd rather think of it as the Rolex of home levers.  "Best" is so subjective.  Whatever.  It's a perfect little espresso machine, and European mid-century mechanical art. 


How much is a "new" vintage Cremina worth?  Right, we don't know either!  We're not just talking about a cleaned up, or re-painted "restoration."  This freak from 1981 does't need to be "restored."


One of those "once in a lifetime" opportunities for the right person.   

Olympia Cremina "67" 1981 (new!?) Sold!

  • Because this is like "new" we're giving a one year warranty on parts and labor, with the exceptions of the heating element and physical damage to the espresso machine, in the event it is abused (dropped, etc.)    

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