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Anfim Grinder -- Sold!

Often rebadged and sold by Pasquini, in LA, as one of their "Moka" grinders, this is a really nice, "small footprint," prosumer model.  They were made by Anfim, in Italy, which makes mostly large commercial grinders, and sold in the rest of the world as the Anfim "Best."  


Not one of the retired commercial grinders we usually sell, but a heavy duty little Italian beast perfect for people we hear saying they don't want (or "can't have," due to spousal factors) a commercial grinder in their kitchens.  With a powder coated steel body, powerful, quiet motor, and a commercial quality doser, this is one of the better answers out there for folks who find themselves in that "small" position, but want "real" espresso grinder.  (Sorry, plastic Baratza owners!)  


We've put in a brand new burr set.  (50mm.)  Doser has been cleaned, adjusted, and works effortlessly.  The doser lens, and lid are new.  As is the "custom" super small size hopper (from another application, but perfect for people obsessed about space saving and keeping only single serving amounts of beans in their machines!)

This has a "stepped" adjustment collar, which means a spring loaded pin locks the grind once you dial in the setting.  Adjusts clockwise.


These are good matches for the small vintage home levers, like the Rivieras or Elektras. 


You could also use this for pour over/french press.  (Of course, dialing the grind coarseness back and forth from coarse to fine is a pain in the ass if you do both espresso and pour over.  Some people just need TWO grinders!)


Anfim Grinder -- Sold!

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