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Rancilio MD-50 Grinder -- sold

A really nice commercial grinder.  If you consider how much people are spending on a plastic little Rocky, when they can have something like this for less money, it's always a sign that counter space and "spouse appeal" are often bigger factors than pure espresso "quality."


But if you want to eliminate your, "Is my grinder good enough?" questions, here you go.


Lightly used, and super clean.  New burrs.  This actually has an auto shut-off that nobody will ever use because you'd have to fill the hopper full of ground beans, and no serious espresso geek would ever grind that much coffee at one time!   


This obviously has a commercial sized doser on it, which seems to scare some people (who worry about having "stale" grinds hanging around?) but the reality is the swiping/dosing with the lever is easy, almost completely keeps the doser clean (no "stale" grinds) and most importantly eliminates the clumping and "static" problems a lot of "home" (see: plastic!) grinders have.  The grounds come out of dosers as a stream of uniform grounds, not lumps.


Little grinders have a hard time competing with big (64mm) burrs, and big motors.


(The burrs are really nice, and we have some new ones on order that may be here by the time this is sold.  Otherwise we'll mail 'em to you!)


The super kool wheel adjuster makes "micro" adjustments for the obsessive types easy. 


So if you've got the space, and need a grinder to end your grinder search for all time...


A little under 21 inches high (with the hopper on) and 11 deep.

Rancilio MD-50 Grinder -- sold

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