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Rancilio S10 "Leva" (w/gas heat option!) Sold!

Awesome Rancilio S10, 220 volt, 2 group, with the rare gas heating option.  Mid-80s.  Representing the end of the analog Rancilio era dominated by "leva" machines.   This 2 group runs on 220 volts, but has the gas set-up for off grid adventurers (or coffee carts?)  We haven't had the nerve to try it out yet, but the very hard to find hardware is there.


Both groups are rebuilt, witih all new seals and piston springs, and the body panels were repainted (by the previous owner, not by us!) in a sort of Chinese Red (originally Rancilio Orange) with black trim.  So the paint is not original, and this is not a "ground up" restoration, but it looks pretty frickin cool as it sits.  Custom steam tips on the dual wands (there is one hot water tap.)  Fully tested, and six month warranty.


This is heavy so probably only a "local pick-up" option (otherwise it will have to go on a pallet by truck.) 


Like it's "little brother" Z9 (same lever group) this pulls an awesome shot.  Or two shots, at the same time!

Rancilio S10 "Leva" (w/gas heat option!) Sold!

  • Six months parts and labor on everything but the heating element.

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