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Rancilio Z9, Sold!

Orange is the new box.


The 70's Orange should be enough to make anyone want this, but saying it's really hard to find commercial 120 volt vintage US lever models, is an understatement.  


In the days before espresso in Flyover Country became popular, the Italians just didn't sell (or make) many commercial lever espresso machines for the American market.  But this is one of them.  Circa 1975, we think.


A really nice example and super clean.  Newly rebuilt group, with the bore honed and new gaskets and seals, as well as a new spring!   Scary around people with teeth!   


We'll throw in a bottomless portafilter to fit full size mugs underneath.


Sex now comes in orange and stainless!

Rancilio Z9, Sold!

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