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Salvatore E61 "Famosa" -- sold

These hand made espresso machines are kind of a quirky marriage of American hot rod culture (heavy duty, custom, machine shop vibe) to European "jewel box" artisinal style.  Built in a shop near Solvang, CA, by Salvatore Cisaria, and thoughtfully packed with copper, brass, and commercial grade espresso components.   The quality of the black frame is impressive.  Basically a "prosumer" or small commercial quality machine.


This is the E61 auto group model.  The E61 group, the quirky low production numbers, and the actually "Made in California" factor, make this an interesting machine for us.  And it makes a nice espresso.  The vibe pump is hard plumbed to the reservoir making the virbration harder to dampen and results in a little more "vibe" noise that some.  But it's all good in this package of eccentricity.  We have yet to meet the man, Salvatore, but reports "vary," which is what one might expect of an Italian welder/artist!


Almost flawless, but does have some odd dents/grooves on the front of the group.  


These are not only "heavy duty" but heavy (over 50 pounds) and probably not a good candidate for shipping.  So come pick it up!

Salvatore E61 "Famosa" -- sold

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