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VBM/Vibiemme Domobar Junior -- Sold

Vibiemme (or "VBM") isn't as well known in the US as many of the E61 clones, but that's a little ironic, because Vibiemme was started by former Faema employees, and Faema, of course, is the original patent holder of the E61 group!


So everyone else who makes these (including VBM) "stole" it from Faema.


Not being as well known here as the Rockets and Quick Mills, means VBMs can fly under the radar in America, and be great values when compared to the others.   


Vibiemme has concentrated it's efforts on two models, the Super and the Junior.  The Junior is sort of what you'd expect.  A scaled down and a slightly less "deluxe" version of the single boiler HX "Super."  (Some "Supers" now come with double boilers.) 


This obviously has everything you need in a single boiler HX E61, with swiveling hot water and steam arms, and a genuine heavy commercial quality cast brass E61 group, adjustable pump, and access to the temperature setting (pressurestat.) 


The Junior also has one of the smallest countertop footprints of any true E61 espresso machine, coming in at slighly under 9 inches wide.  (About 17 inches deep, and 16 1/2 high, including the handles.)  


This one is a gray market European model, that has been totally rebuilt with brand new 120 volt components.  So somebody will be getting a machine that in manys ways is literally "like new!" 


Aside from the usual service and maintenance parts (cleaned, descaled, new screen and portafilter gasket, etc.) this baby has a brand new pump, control box, fill solenoid, primer valve, re-settable thermo protection switch, and pressurestat.  


It even has a new drip tray and cup screen!

And it will come with a bottomless portafilter, with double and triple baskets.


We've also added some sound damping, so for a vibe pump machine, this one is really quiet.  None of the obnoxious vibration noise you may be used to hearing with home E61 machines.  


The tank is not original VBM, but holds more volume, and fits seemlessly.  Just remove the top panel to add water when necessary.  Easy pull out for cleaning.  (VBM's employ the "low water in the tank" method of heating element protection, as well as the re-settable thermo switch on the boiler, so when the water is low, the element shuts off.  Make sure you keep about a half tank full, because it uses the weight of the water tank to push down on the safety switch.)  


We've had several people ask when we'll finally have another E61 machine again.  Some folks just don't want a lever!  So if you're one of those people, here's a chance at a more "modern" style electric pump E61 machine, in amazing condition.  And at a rather amazing price.  

VBM/Vibiemme Domobar Junior -- Sold

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