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Zacconi Riviera -- Sold!

Zacconi Riviera in chrome and brass.  From the "new" Zacconi Workshop, started in the early 2000s by family who ressurrected the brand, and kept much of the Riviera design.  It's debatable if they are an "improvement" on the originals, but at least the heating element (and all other parts) are still available.  And it's still made with heavy duty components, and has the wonderful spring loaded lever group.  


The base on this one has some scraps and scratches (Zacconi bases often seem to have wear issues) but it's still got that "faded beauty" thing going, and works like new, with new piston seals, portafilter seal, new screen.  


It's no secret we love Zacconis.  This is the first "new generation" we've had, and it lacks a little of the charm of the originals, but it still pulls great shots.  And if you can learn to work the quirky steam wand, you'll be set for home made lever lattes!

Zacconi Riviera -- Sold!

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