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1963 La Pavoni Europiccola -- Sold!

Unlike the previous early Europiccola we sold,  we elected to leave the base on this super rare model "au naturale" (the Italian version of the French.)  People who've been visiting this space for a while know we're suckers for history and "originality."  So we tend to err on the side of "history," and have kept everything on this original -- except the heating element and power cord.  (Hey, we're "voltage110" for a reason!)  


Oh yeah, the Pavoni sticker on front is a replica as well.


There are a couple of scuffs and scratches on the boiler, and the lever has some light pitting, but for a 60 year old, she's still pretty sexy!

The rubber sub base is even in good original condition.


If you're wondering why this looks "prototypy," it's because it basically is!  It took La Pavoni a couple years of low production before they decided to modify the base to add room for spillage, by adding the recessed tray area.  The "Post War primitive" look of these flat base Pavonis are pretty darn charming though.  Especially with the prolifieration of "vintage La Pavonis" coming out of everyone's attic these days.  It's hard to put a "value" on these, but the fact is there just weren't many made!  And there are even fewer still in operating condition.  So these will always still stand out as VINTAGE, for La Pavoni fans.  


Converted to US voltage (110) with a new style "high/low" element, and power cord.  But it still has the crazy Italian attribute of no "off" position on the switch!  Your choices are "massimo" or "minimo," or "pull the plug out of the wall!" 


Of course smart people will just plug this into a switched outlet.  Or use the cheap "hardware store" solution we usually employ.  One of those "outlets you plug into the outlet" with a built-in on/off switch.  (We'll include one of those if you mention that in a note when you buy it.) 


We added a custom "resettable" thermo protection switch on the bottom of the boiler.  We can't guarantee nothing bad will happen if you go off and leave it on some time, but the extra protection of this thermostat gives you a fighting chance to avoid an element going bad if that ever happens.


The new seals and heating element mean you could use this as a "daily driver," but we're guessing it's likely to go to someone who wants to "add it to the collection."


It's hard to imagine these won't go up in price as the years go by.  But predicting the future of collectibles has always been a bit of a fool's errand.  Being a La Pavoni, it should always be easy to re-sell.  But as with any vintage machine, you should buy this one because you like it.  And as "cheap thrills" in life go, these are still actually pretty cheap.


Comes with new stainless 49mm tamper.

1963 La Pavoni Europiccola -- Sold!

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