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1975 FE-AR La Peppina -- SOLD

Finally came across one of these crazy machines that was so original we couldn't resist.  A legendary FE-AR "La Peppina," in fire engine red.


Bought in the 70s by someone who obviously thought it looked cool in the kitchen, where it sat unused.  Until now. 


So the lucky buyer will end up with a "like new" La Peppina that really IS "like new." 


(Of course we changed the 40 year old rubber seals in the group and piston, and replaced the original aluminum shower screen screws with stainless, which is a HUGE upgrade.  But otherwise, it's pretty much like it came out of the box!)


Could there ever be a better corporate name than FE-AR???




Could there be a better home lever machine out there?  Of course!


The La Peppina was intended to be a "budget" Italian home lever.  But it's actually pretty PERFECT at what it does.  

Which is to provide it's owner with the capability to pull mulitiple shots of great espresso, without overheating, while using hardware that is simple, nearly bulletproof, easy to service, and affordable.


Sort of the old school VW Bug of home levers.  


One of the cool, unusual features of the La Peppina, is that it employs an "open" boiler.  Unlike virturally all of it's more expensive pressurized competitors.  


At first that seems like a tactic to "keep it cheap" (not having to include a heavy, expensive brass or copper boiler.)  But the actual "upside" is that since the enameled steel tank dosn't operate under high pressure (for big steaming) it also doesn't RUN TOO HOT, in the way so many other home lever machines do, because the temp is limited by the temperature of boiling water.


It also means you can easily add more water "on the fly," rather than having to wait for it to cool down like most machines.   


This model Peppina even has a Jet Age safety "ejector" feature, that is supposed to shoot out the power connector if the machine overheats. 


This was also the first year of the wacky "vaporizer accessory" which is here, along with the original tamper, scoop, and two baskets. 


The "vaporizer" gizmo "seals" the boiler when tightened down, to allow "steaming," to heat up milk or whatever, but it's pretty hard to make microfoam with it.


But the shots themselves are great.  And easily repeatable!


So these are obviously best suited for people who drink straight espresso shots. 


And if you want a bigger espresso shot, thanks to the unique piston design, simply pull the handle a second time, without fear of sucking grounds back into the group.    


There are some odd marks on top of the group, that could have come from the casting, and the rubber seal around the "vaporizor" lid, has some fizzures from age.  But otherwise this really looks and operates like it came out of the box.


As nice a La Peppina as you're likely to find.     



1975 FE-AR La Peppina -- SOLD

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