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70's  Gaggia Italcrem, 110 volts!  Sold

Forgive the repeat of  the Instagram description, but it pretty much covers this one.  


70's Spanish Gaggia "Italcrem" (the Spanish subsidiary of Gaggia had their "own" brand name of the stuff they made in Spain.  There was also the "Visacrem.")   Hard to date exactly because ABC, the company in LA that sold commerical Gaggia machines in Southern CA, did so much "customizing" of the machines.  ABC is "famous," of course, for their blingy and fantastical creations with copper and brass cladding, mock accessories, and imitation antique boiler towers to make"a more Italian" look than the Italian had managed to do themselves.  These tended to go into hotels and "fancy" restaurants that needed an espresso machine around for ambiance and cred, even though almost nobody in 1970s Southern California drank espresso!  


This is one of the more tasteful relics of that era, with only the gold plated sight glass fittings, and knob surrounds echoing the glory of those years.  


The Italcrems had a different group than the massive Gaggia monster (cheaper, probably) that was basically a Faema knockoff.  (Faema lever seals conveniently fit this and are still plentifully available!)  


But we just completely rebuilt the group, so no worries about maintenance any time soon.


The bakelite "Gaggia" knobs are gorgeous, and one of the two portafilters looks almost unused.  There are a few scratches on this 50 something year old, but still has a beautiful presence about it, and more importantly, a joy to use. 


As of this writing, we have a custom single hole steam tip on order, but otherwise this baby is good to go!  


Note: This is a native 110 volt machine, so should be no problem runnining on standard US household current, but like virtually all commercial lever machines, is "plumbed in."  Which means you'll have to find a water source for this!


Really rather not freight ship this, but call to discuss if you REALLY want it and can't come pick it up.   (Or just break down and take a summer trip to Northern California.  You won't regret it!)  


70's Gaggia Italcrem, 110 volts! Sold

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