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'74 Europiccola, Rebuilt and all original!

This was a "transition" year for Pavoni, from the "First Generation" machines to the "Second."  Change (or "modernization") was in the works at La Pavoni (we're talking about the ultra modern 1970's now!) and this machine reflects the first big changes to the Europiccola that would culminate the next year. 


This machine is all original, with the one exception of a new steam valve (the original dripped a tiny bit unless cranked down hard) and of course we completely rebuilt the group (all new piston seals and gaskets.)  

This is the last year the group screwed directly into the boiler.  That made it harder to access the piston shaft seal, but they got rid of the piston cylinder "brass insert" with the fixed shower screen, so the piston is easy to remove without a special Pavoni tool for the first time, for future gasket renewal.  The next year they would go to the "bolt on" group that remains to this day.


(This European product actually got easier to maintain for the DIYer as the years went by, rather than the reverse we've seen in things like cars!)


This also features the last year of the chrome boiler cap.  It screws ONTO the top of the brass boiler, instead of the modern plastic caps that thread INTO it.  


This was also the last year before the advent of the plastic drip tray insert, giving these a much more elegant and "vintage" look, but we'll throw in a plastic tray if you ask, because they do help protect the original "hammertone" paint (which is in very good original condition!)  


This machine clearly belongs in the category of having been bought (or gifted) on impulse, and then not used much over the years.  The lever roller bore is barely worn, and the chrome is still really nice.  


Yes, the chrome was thicker at this point in the Europiccola production.  One of the attractive features about going with a "vintage"machine.  


It obviously has the "hi/low" dual heating element set up which Pavoni purists love, but remember these demand way more attention than the modern versions with pressurestats that automatically control the heating element.  You have to pay attention with these, becuase when the switch is "on," they are "on!"  (Generally use the "high" setting for initial heat up, and then switch down to "low" for pulling shots, or leaving it on a bit.)  A truly "hands on" lever machine!  


We love the skinny switches this year.  They are a little on the "fragile" side, but look so Italian, and the neon indicator light is awesome.  This was the first year Pavoni actually included an "off" position with their switches!   (You had to yank the cord out of the wall, or put them in a switch outlet before this "modern" update!)  


The rubber base, which is getting ever harder to find in decent condition on these, or too often missing completely, is in incredible shape.  One of the nicest we've come across!  


(Take care of your rubber base.  They are not available anymore!)


A really solid, lightly used "high/low" '74 Europiccola, that has the collectibility factor of the "transition" year.  


Comes with both a single and double basket!

'74 Europiccola, Rebuilt and all original!

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