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'75 rare orange Olympia Cremina -- sold!!

When we had a chance to acquire this Cremina from the original owner (moving into an "assisted living" situation) we weren't expecting much beyond the typical early Cremina.


But we got lucky.


Because what we got was an unusually loved and cared for vintage machine, that reminds us why people spent so much even back in the day for these Swiss precision levers.   


It was a little dusty from sitting for a few years.  

As we cleaned off the orange body, and stainless facia, we started to realize what we had.   


The fascia panel is almost flawless.   Something we almost never see in a machine from this era.   (People love to use abrasive pads to "clean" their old coffee machines.)  Hopefully the pics do it justice.  


The paint is also in excellent condition, where we often see dings, scratches and even rust.


So we completely disassembled, cleaned, and rebuilt it with new gaskets and seals, descaled the boiler, pressure tested, and pulled some shots and...  


It feels timeless.


If you've been thinking about pulling the trigger on a vintage Cremina, check this one out.  You'll be hard pressed to find one like it any time soon.  


Comes with two double and a single basket.

'75 rare orange Olympia Cremina -- sold!!

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