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'77 Custom Europiccola -- Sold!

The blue hammertone powder coat isn't the only thing making this custom mid 70's Europiccola one of a kind.  


We've updated the heating element to the "modern" stainless style.  


So you can enjoy vintage charm, and the temp control of the old style "high/low" without worrying about how to replace your element if it ever stops working.  


The '77 was the last year of the "skinny" three way switch.   Hard to find original replacements now, but we can repair these now if they ever break with a new rocker switch.


This machine also has a kind of unique "custom" rubber sub base.  Made by a previous owner with rubber door molding and sheet rubber.  It actually looks pretty cool, and shows the quality of "hands on" hacker owners that La Pavoni seems to attract.


In addition to the usual new seals and gaskets, this has a new chrome cup grid, a new shower screen, a new double basket, and a new "matching" 49mm blue stainless tamper!  And we'll throw in the 70's bad taste Italian coffee tray (awesome) AND one of our vintage espresso cups and saucers.   (If you DON'T want the "extras" just let us know!) 






'77 Custom Europiccola -- Sold!

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